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On May 13, 2011, wrote ‘Convinced About Content’:

“This is something I have been harping on about for years, and I am delighted to see that some sales enablement vendors are adopting this reality:

Without good sales enablement content, it does not matter what bells and whistles your sales enablement solution might offer, it is of no value. [...]

Sales enablement systems have become very sophisticated in terms of how they deliver content that will help boost sales performance. But the quality and nature of the content that those system deliver is a critical component of the system’s deployment success. [...]

BizSphere CEO Jochen Moll not only understands the value of great content; he also understands that a sales enablement solution is just one component of an overall sales enablement strategy. BizSphere advocates for the development of a company-wide sales enablement plan to ensure that everyone in an organization can influence, directly or indirectly, the success of the sales team. Great direction, Jochen! You guys are leading the way. [...]“

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