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Align your knowledge along your sales cycle for successful customer communication

Semantic integration. Consolidation. Alignment.

BizSphere Sales Enablement – Positioning
Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) and Supply Chain Management Systems (SCM) have helped companies to optimize their transactional business processes significantly over the last years. Business Intelligence-Systems (BI) provide data for analysis of financial figures, success control or forecasting. The results could have important impact on corporate management decisions or sales processes. Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) support sales with relevant information – e.g. intranet, wikis, portals and collaboration platforms. Very often these technologies are door openers for more advanced and complex information technologies. Enterprise Search Technologies are able to merge all these different types of information together.

Due to this increased complexity of technology, it means a lot of effort to focus the demand for information of a single user group. Especially sales functions still spend a lot of time – finding the right information and contact person as well as consolidating valuable, up-to-date information out of a variety of heterogeneous systems – before they will be able to conduct a successful customer meeting.

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At this point BizSphere Sales Enablement Solution starts: information is available for sales people according to strategic customer topics. Each customer situation is just one click away of all relevant sales information. Therefor BizSphere functions as an integration layer referring to existing systems, where the information is already available, but too hard to find.

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…by semantic integation of existing systems

BizSphere Sales Enablement Solution is a semantic integration layer which connects different, existing information systems within the sales department of a company. Based on diverse patterns and content of these systems, a company-wide context (BizSphere Infospace) is constituted as the meta data level. Within this context information can be arranged along the sales process or a specific customer situation in order to help your sales people to find the information they need for a successful customer contact.

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If you are interested what BizSphere Sales Enablement can do to accelerate your existing Knowledge Management strategy – click here.

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